The Madeira Orienteering Festival, MOF, one of the Mountain Club of Funchal, CMoF, excellence events, has the main objective of taking the name of Madeira across borders through Orienteering as a vehicle for promotion.

That is why, with the support of the Madeira Regional Tourism Office, we intend to promote this event both in the National space and internationally so as to attract the maximum number of athletes to participate in the MOF.

In this sense CMoF's responsibility in the organization of this Orienteering event is increased.

If we consider that many of the athletes who visit us come from regions where this sport is in a more developed state, it is the obligation of CMoF to excel in this event.

With this effort, we are contributing to the evolution of Orienteering in Madeira in its various technical and organizational aspects.

For all this, and because the Madeiran athletes are in the first place, we expect the massive participation of both the athletes from Madeira and those who are not yet federated to practice orienteering in a more playful and accessible way or even for those who want to try this sport that is as interesting as challenging.


Message from the President of the Mountain Club of Funchal                                       

Justino Nóbrega